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Beendet Renal Biopsy Assistance to Save One Life

makati, Philippinen

Beendet Renal Biopsy Assistance to Save One Life

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Seeking for Renal Biopsy Financial or Medical Assistance. I have a problem with my kidneys and an operation is needed for the confirmation of the doctor's diagnosis and eventually proper medication.

J. de guzman von J. de guzmanNachricht schreiben

I have a problem with both of my kidneys. When I went to see a doctor and was examined, a renal parenchymal disease was detected with the aid of ultrasound test. My urine shows a high spillage of protein and an alarming elevation of creatinine level in my blood test. The doctor said it is imperative that I should undergo a renal biopsy to confirm his diagnosis. He suspected a progressive type of glomerulonephritis, because of the drastic increase in creatinine level. I told the docto I am unable to afford the Renal biopsy due to financial issue. I am the breadwinner of my family and what I am earning is just enough. The doctor advised me that I should be taking medication so as to control the deterioration of my kidneys. I was advised to take cortesteroids and to hope that it will cure my kidney problem. Side effects of this medicine is that my immune system is low, after four months of this medication I found out that my heart is slightly enalrged and I have some issues with my lungs as well. Recently I was hospitalized because of scrotal abscess, a small boil from my buttocks affected by scrotum and eventually an operation was needed.
I wanted to help myself, because I still wanted to extend my life and help my family. That is why I am seeking financial assistance in any way I can. I researched and asked questions from several people and charities for any aid. It will greatly benefit me and my family, and we will be forever in your debt. I am seeking financial assistance or any type of assistance that could be offered that will help me with my renal biopsy.

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