Finanziert Providing education for working children

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Network forYouth Development & Healthy Environment“ (P. Muduli) in Bhubaneswar, Indien

P. Muduli (verantwortlich)

P. Muduli
The proposed area Korkunda Block of Malkangiri district of Orissa is one of the most deprived areas in the district in terms of literacy and socio-economic development. The People from Indigenous communities still practice their age-old systems and are highly dependent on forest, agriculture and daily labour work for earning their livelihood. Educational facilities in this area are very Poor and most of the children (both male & female) work for supporting family incomes.
Problem Analysis:
• Parents do not have ability of providing dress, learning materials & other requirements to send the children to school.

• The tribal children being earning members of the family supports in agricultural forest and other labour works as well as family activities like care of smaller babies, keeping pets, collection of fire wood etc. for which they are not allowed to attend to school in far off places as day scholars.

• The school timing Particularly during the Procurement seasons of crops, forest produces etc. do not suit to the children as they are to be engaged with their family for the purpose.
Proposed Programmes:
The complex will be providing a comprehensive package of services through is educational team and other team members including medicine, vocational persons as well as craft, music and sports persons. The programmes include:
• Primary Education for working children.
• Sports, cultural, music and yoga training to the inmates.
• Basic health, care, sanitation and health education through dispensary.
• Supply of food, medicine, dresses and educational materials to the inmates.

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Ort: Bhubaneswar, Indien

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