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Finanziert Keep the Karama Center Running!

Bethlehem, Palästina

Finanziert Keep the Karama Center Running!

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Karama needs donations to cover operating costs. The money isn't growing on trees...


*** Please read to the end for information about the Bank Account !!!

As Karama (please refer to the description of the organization) focuses on education and cultural activities for women and children and NOT on money making enterprises, it depends completely on the kindness of supporters to survive.

Rent, utilities, school supplies, etc are paid out of donations from kind people from near and far.

There is a specific need now (see the current Need I've registered on this project).

Despite hardships, Karama continues to operate every day out of the old premises. And with the help of volunteers, the English, computer, dance and art classes, are still running.

Please help by spreading the word!

Important Bank Account information: Karama has a bank account in Palestine which, according to Yasser the Director, is not a great way to transfer money (too many fees). Therefore, they have a loose cooperation with a German-Palestinian non-profit organization (Deutsch-Pal. Gesellschaft) who accepts funds on behalf of Karama via their German Bank Account. You need to add the keyword "Karama" to your bank transactions (in German: Verwendungszweck Karama). I tried to set it up in Betterplace with the proper Keyword already.

HOWEVER, the most direct, reliable and fastest way to transfer money (and therefore the best way) is via Paypal. You can send via to and let me know so I can decrease the target amount registered on
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten