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Our Blessings Blog.........

M. Morgan
M. Morgan schrieb am 03.07.2011

I have long been of the knowledge that writing down your goals, needs, feelings etc, is a magnificent way to bolster the bad days....... I got into the habit recently of writing a Blessings Log...... a reminder of the positive even in the darker moments.

Sometimes I would find it difficult to find a positive in what was a challenge, but since making it a habit to write down the good things that happened and give thanks, I find it easier and easier........ so I thought rather than just keep these to myself I would share my Log with you and call it Our Blessings Blog........ so here's the first......

Our Bugs has just graduated from Grace Basic School, what a wonderful morning, we all dressed up in our finery and turned out to Grace at the appointed time to support him.  Unfortunately Murphy's Law kicked in and the camera wouldn't work...... I did get a couple of pictures on the phone but being a techno-phobe not sure yet how to upload them........ I will keep trying........

But ooh what a joy, to see this little one make this big step, moving on to Primary, with excellent scores.  He was very impressed with himself and when he sat with me later in the evening the conversation went something like this.......

"Aunty Moira, I did good in my tests, you can see say I'm bright, don't???"

"Yes sweetie, we are all very proud of you."

"You see say I'm brighter than Jaden don't??, you know say like how I'm bright so, you know sayme don't need to go back to school is it?????"

"Well honey, you are bright yes, but you still need to go to school some more so you can learn newthings, til you bright like me" (He thinks I know the answer to everything)

"Oh, but not til me old like you tho ??????"

I have to give thanks for the joy and the laughter, for the opportunity to walk with these children on this part of their journies, and I give thanks for the strength for the challenges................


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