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Beendet The Children's Oasis, a gentle space for children in need

Rhys is coming to help out this summer

M. Morgan
M. Morgan schrieb am 13.04.2015

Rhys Merriman, a young teacher extraordinaire, working in the Primary sector, with challenged youth in Hackney, East London, is coming out to work with the children here and in the community, help them to have a summer to remember.

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With his passion for music, youth, teaching and learning, he decided to volunteer for 1 whole month with us.  He has bought his ticket, put aside his 'spending' money, is in everyone's ear and pocket to bring arts and craft resources, exercise books etc., and everyone here is looking forward to his arrival at the end of July.

His presence here will help us ensure the children are able to attend all the annual Emancipation and Independence activities, (additional escort), get the opportunity to access the historical / cultural sites, facilitating a greater understanding of their past and present..

So if he knocks on your door, calls on your phone, nags you in your social media, know that he is bonafide and you will see he has directed donations to our page, so don't be afraid to help him out.

Much love to all

I'm supporting Rhys
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