Beendet Wadzanai! Empowering women!

Ein Hilfsprojekt von Lisa D. in makumbi, Simbabwe

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Lisa D. (verantwortlich)

Lisa D.
About Wadzanai

Wadzanai Community Development Trust believes that, equipped with the relevant education, knowledge, skills and support, any woman is able to actively and effectively participate in the overall development of her family and community as well as the country at large.

Our Vision is, to be a knowledgeable, socio-economically empowered and self-reliant Chinamhora community in which women play an effective leading role.

So we have the mission, to promote, support, educate and empower women who are taking part in income-generating projects in Chinamhora and its surrounding area.

Organisational Profile

Wadzanai Community Development Trust is a community-based organisation supporting the development of competencies in the communities of Chinamhora, Musana and Masembura communal lands. It is located in the Chinamhora area, northwest of the Goromonzi district, Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe.
Its place of business is along the 46 km peg Borrowdale, Domboshava road (opposite Makumbi Mission Turnoff).

Wadzanai works towards raising the women’s socio-economic status through an active leading role in their personal development. It also empowers the Chinamhora community through skills training workshops. The aim is to support their families by improving their lives by way of becoming self-reliant.

The operational area has a total population of about
193.000 people.
Wadzanai is playing a leading role in developing competencies within the community for achiving sustainable livelihoods.

Working Areas

- Women participation and leadership empowerment
- Gender-based Violence and Conflict Transformation
- Socio-economic development
- Community-based natural resources management (CBNRM)
- HIV and Early Pregnancies/ Marriages
- Girl child empowerment
- Organizational Development
- Projects: Training, Crafts, Farming, Youth Training

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Ort: makumbi, Simbabwe

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