Waste to Green Fuel

Ein Hilfsprojekt von Serge I. in Riga, Lettland

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Serge I. (verantwortlich)

Serge I.
Public website - PATRONNET.COM

The newest waste recycling technology processes Urban Waste into Bio Ethanol, the fuel of tomorrow and rapidly growing demand today - due to general world policy to decrease CO2 emissions.

This kind of Green Fuel do not exterminate Planet food resources and even saves the human lives being implemented in African countries.

It's obvious will benefit all people who lives there, not mention to general benefit for environment.

I've spend 18 months investigation the technology details and situation in Ghana what I consider the first place for implementation.

To popularize the idea - just now I've opened online project http://patronnet.com - and I hope to find some actual support for further development.
You can read much more information there.

I'm also obliged for Your critic, advices, offers for cooperation.

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Ort: Riga, Lettland

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