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Finanziert Max Fun Learning Centre - Mongolia

To allow us to purchase a boiler for our learning centre in Bayankhongor. This will ensure heating for the centre and allow us to provide the kids with optimum learning conditions during cold winter months.

J. Flanagan von BOOKBRIDGE FOUNDATIONNachricht schreiben

The Bookbridge CAP 12 team (Capability Program) have embarked on a program to develop the Max Fun Learning Centre as a social enterprise in Bayankhongor, Mongolia.

Bayankhongor is a city, located approx. 12 hours drive from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. The learning centre was established by Tseegii, our community hero, her objective was to open English lessons to the kids of Bayankhongor. Our mission is to build on the great work done to this point by Tseegii and develop the centre even further. This development addresses both the infrastructure and educational processes within the centre. We want to develop the centre, to add another class room, a library and a canteen.

Currently the centre offers English classes to kids, we aim to broaden this scope in the future, adding in IT & life skills classes, and opening these to adults too.

What do we need your help with?
As part of the Bookbridge program we hope to obtain an investment from investors. This investment will allow us to develop the centre and ensure the sustainability of the centre once the CAP team leave.
We would like your help to purchase a boiler for the learning centre, this will allow us to focus more of our investment budget at other areas of the centre. Given the extreme conditions of Winter in Mongolia, it is essential that we can heat the Learning Centre, creating a comfortable environment is central to enabling kids to focus on education and learning all year round.
Your contribution will be invaluable and have a lasting impact on the lives of the students of Max Fun Learning Centre, and 100% of the donation will go directly towards the purchase of the boiler!**
On behalf of the entire CAP 12 team, the current and future students of the centre and visitors to the library, we thank you for your contribution.

**Any donations beyond our target will go towards the funding of a scholarship programme.