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Finanziert Send a child to Woodberry, change a life forever!

Since 1971, the ASSIST WFS experience has changed the lives of Alumni just like you! To honor this tradition and pay it forward for new generations, we ask for donations to show appreciation and empower those who follow in our footsteps.

Becky G. von Friends of ASSIST / Förderverein e.V.Nachricht schreiben

A note from WFS ASSIST Alumni Christian Oversohl '84, Johannes Reck '02, Tao Tao '02:

You are part of a select group of 50 ASSIST Alumni with one thing in common – a unique experience at WFS! For some of us, this experience dates back longer, for others it was just last summer. 

For all, it was most likely a life-changing experience. It's fair to say that without ASSIST and Woodberry, our paths would not have been what they are today. The friendships forged, the adventures mastered and the lessons learned were invaluable and guide us to this day.

And for that we are very grateful.  We believe you may share this feeling. 
Some of us met in Berlin early this year to celebrate the first ASSIST WFS Alumni Get Together. The turnout was great, and over drinks and dinner we shared war stories and got to know each other. The sentiment was that we would like to keep the group connected and include all who could not make it in person this time. We also felt that we as a group we could contribute something to ASSIST and the next generations of WFS students. To give back to those that gave so much to us and to empower those who will follow. 
Would it not be great to align as WFS Alumni and achieve a common purpose? What if we could send one kid to Woodberry Forest and allow him or her to have the same unique experience you did? We believe this would be a great achievement and an excellent way to have a positive impact. 
We are asking for your support and donations. We invite you to give others the same opportunity you had and change a life forever.
For that to come true we need to raise 20,000 Euros as a team. That covers the diligent selection process and the excellent support by ASSIST as well as living expenses throughout the year abroad. Tuition is covered by WFS. 
This is clearly not a small amount, but we all know the value and as a group we can meet this target. 
Donations are tax-deductible as ASSIST is a non-profit organization. Fundraising will run until mid-June so that we are in time to recruit, starting this summer.
It would be outstanding if you supported this initiative – any contribution helps and is well appreciated. When we as former WFS students together reach our purpose and every one of you contributes, this will be a milestone for ASSIST. 

Woodberry Tigers have always been responsible leaders – let’s live the tradition and allow it to go on!

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten