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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

Unterstütze uns beim Aufbau eines Zentrums für Jungunternehmertum und Innov

Buea, Kamerun

Unterstütze uns beim Aufbau eines Zentrums für Jungunternehmertum und Innov

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Im Kampf gegen Armut und Arbeitslosigkeit in Afrika ist das Unternehmertum junger Menschen von entscheidender Bedeutung. Schließen Sie sich uns an, indem Sie ein paar Euro spenden und einen Unternehmenslebenszyklus in Kamerun verändern, neue Arbeitsp

M. Ashu-Arrey von Global Entrepreneurship CorpsNachricht schreiben

Our project is to strengthen the startup every year, to innovate, to scale, to create jobs and to change the continent. Our project on a start up city, Buea, also known as SILICON MOUNTAIN. We seek and recruit high-risk start-ups in our 1-year incubator and accelerator programs, and offer a variety of entrepreneurial workshops, business development support, capital and sustainability funding, microfinance, coaching and mentoring. 
Kwame Terence and Kwame Fostein are brothers and beneficiaries of Jongo Hub. They come from a very poor home that could not afford to pay for their education. Both met with juvenile delinquencies, took drugs and were highly dependent, could not plan and care for their own lives. We found them in an unexpected place after living in a brothel for almost 3 years. They have acquired skills in the manufacture of cosmetics and skin care products from natural ingredients across the board. We took care of the Jongo Hub Wealth Creation Garage and guided entrepreneurship modules, microfinance programs and business development sessions. Today, they are all skincare and cosmetics brand, are financially empowered, 
Thousands of young people are so frustrated and only need a bridge to support themselves and make their lives relevant. We want you to join us to make this possible. We believe that innovation, entrepreneurial development and decent job creation are important ways of solving the world's most pressing socio-economic problems. Wealth creation must focus on the same global attention as disease epidemics, disaster relief, peacekeeping, post-conflict reconstruction and global resources must focus on such efforts. So we have worked out a plan to tackle the global challenges. 
This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich / Berlin:

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