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Beendet Help us run interviews with prostituted women in Berlin

Inspired through 10 year long experiences reaching out to prostituted women on the streets of Berlin, we are aiming to run 30 academic interviews with women we meet weekly in order to customize our future projects to the needs of the women.

Lynne A. von Alabaster Jar e.V.Nachricht schreiben

During the past ten years of work on the streets, brothels and drop-in café; we have come to know many women and their stories and have been able to support them in individual ways.
Many women are from Eastern European countries and because of poverty, a lack of education and future perspectives, some are forced to work in prostitution so they can financially support their families in their home countries. This vulnerability also leads to the increase of trafficked sex workers. Not all of them come here by choice; some find themselves in dire situations.

We realised in the last few years, our work lacks combined and edited research data from the women´s background. The documentation of this data will give us a broader understanding of the women´s situation and will enable us to improve our helping strategy.

One of our volunteers is now dedicating her final Master´s degree thesis to collect data by interviewing the women we meet on a weekly basis. The goal of the interview is to understand more about the women´s background and to use this knowledge to customize and implement targeted helping strategies.

Beginning of June 2017, interviews will be conducted by our volunteer with the help of translators.

Our goal is to interview 30 individual women from Eastern Europe. The interviews will cover subjects like background, education, skills and future perspectives.

Because we want to give back to the women who participate in the research, we need YOUR HELP.
Each participant will receive an appropriate store gift voucher worth 30 Euros as a “Thank You”. To cover the cost for the vouchers we need to raise 900 €.

Your donation will enable us to find valuable answers, giving our future projects a solid basis of knowledge and understanding of the situation the women are working in. 
Additionally, we will be able to professionalise our work through implementing the data to our work.

Will you please consider giving towards this campaign by funding one, two or several interviews?

If you are able to give, GREAT but it doesn't have to end there!

·         Recommend this campaign to people you know would love to be involved.
·         Share this campaign on social media.
·         Pray for Alabaster Jar and the women we are reaching out to.
Thank you so much for being part of this project- we could not do it without you!

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