Ein Hilfsprojekt von L. Pinto in São Paulo, Brasilien

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L. Pinto (verantwortlich)

L. Pinto
Hello everyone, my name is Lucas Pinto and I am a social entrepreneur from Brazil.

When I was 19 years old I started an environment project aimed to help people that lives into residencial building in São Paulo, Brazil, saving energy, water and implementing recycling into their homes. After 4 years of journey we were able to help more then 700 families and recycle more than 40tons of materials in the city of São Paulo. The project also got awarded four times, being two internationaly.

But as deep as I go trying to understand the complexity of the environment as well as some social issues, I face the lack of financial support and access that billions of individuals go through everyday. According to the World Bank, around 2.5 billion people in the world lives on less than $2 (US. Dolar) per day, and in Brazil, according to the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) we have 9.9 million people living under $1.25 (US Dolar) a day; it´s also a matter of searching to find other statistics like this one. I am working on the development of a plataform to help micro entreprenuers from Brazil.

This plataform will combine financial support with green development, enabling small entrepreneur to grow their business or idea more environmental friendly.

I am counting on you to fight with me against this social and environment issue, lets make small loans become big stores without compromising the natural resources, once we depend on them to live!

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Ort: São Paulo, Brasilien

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