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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

Blockiert 1st European Exhibition on Female Fandom

Hamburg, Deutschland

Blockiert 1st European Exhibition on Female Fandom

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Football Supporters Europe wants to organise the first ever European exhibition on female football supporters, to make women more visible as equal part and to shed light on realities with regards to sexist discrimination in the game.

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Football across Europe is still a very much male dominated sport and women are largely underrepresented or generally said to be "not that much interested in the game". At the same time, in particular recent tournaments such as WC 2006 in Germany showed the increasing number of women in the stands, and womens' football is getting more and more popular.

Despite this development, female football fans are still confronted with different levels of discrimination on a regular basis, either inside or outside the stadia, e.g. by them not being allowed inside stadia or "just" in certain sections or fan busses, or simply because of the absence of toilet facilities for women inside some stadia.

Having said that, there is an increasing number of females, in particular amongst football supporters and other initiatives that are making women heard as equal part and are standing up against sexist discrimination in football. There are female fan clubs and ultra fans' groups, there are social initiatives organised by female fans and campaigns led by female or mixed gender fans' initiatives and/or football clubs encouraging the inclusion of women in the game. Unfortunately, this is widely unknown whilst the stereotypical image of women as something like a decorative element for TV cameras still dominates the public opinion.

By organising the first ever European exhibition on female football supporters, organised by fans and for fans, FSE wants to shed light on the great diversity of female fandom inside and outside stadia in Europe and wants to show the positive and negative sides of female realities inside the stands.

The exhibition was an outcome of a workshop on female football supporters at the 3rd European Football Fans' Congress 2010 in Barcelona. The exhibition will be organised by a working group of about 15 male and female FSE members from 10 different countries all across the continent. One member will coordinate and bring together the ideas and activities of the other volunteers in the working group over the upcoming months.

The exhibition is planned to adopt a wide range of methodology. Alongside of pop up panels and banners on statistics of womens' participation at different levels of the game, it will feature an outline of the historical development of female fandom as well as panels, video interviews and documentary shots with female football fans from various different backgrounds and careers from different parts of Europe. Also, different exhibits illustrating products of female fandom such as merchandise and campaigning material will be collected and shown.

The exhibition is planned to be inaugurated as a multilingual European touring exhibition at the womens' WC2011 in the different host cities in Germany and should be updated on a regular basis over the years to come.

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