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f. AGBELEKPO von f. AGBELEKPONachricht schreiben

ALLIANCE ACTION VIE (2AVIE) is local NGO in the rural area of TOGO. The NGO is located in the rural area in the village of SEWATSRIKOPE-KPEME on the corridor ABIDJAN LAGOS (migration axel) at 35km from LOME Capital town of TOGO and at 15km to TOGO-BENIN border. A NGO in the fight against HIV AIDS, cares for PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV and AIDS, specially women infected and their children through it program PTMC (Preventing of the Transmission of HIV from Mother to Child); for that we have set up for this group of women an INCOME GENERATING ACTIVITIES (IGA) to help them to overcome the burden of HIV and AIDS.
View the number of these women increasing day on(everyday) in the care, the strategy used is the setting up of the one of the IGA which is the preparing of soybeans cake local made for selling and the another is to sell Moringa Olifeira powder for infected people. For the performing of these there is a need of financial help of 2500 euros, for purchasing materials and soybeans and set up other activities.
In future there is a need of setting up other IGA, we thing about sailing of bread or cereal either individually or collectively.
Some of IGA set up:
• Soybeans cake procedure and sailing,(collective)
• Pineapples sailing,(individual)
• Moringa Oléiféra powder packaging for sailing,(collective)

The need of such help is to help the performing of the activity that these women have been doing in the past.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten