Blockiert Microfinance/Womens empowerment documentary India

Ein Hilfsprojekt von Rachael D. in Punjab, Indien

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Rachael D. (verantwortlich)

Rachael D.
This project runs from January 2011 to April 2011 in rural India near Amritsar. It will be facilitating women's empowerment and HIV awareness and will help women and rural entrepreneurs access micro credit loans, build community sustainability and reduce poverty. From this a participatory community driven documentary will be made, outlining the impact that these projects have had in the community.

This project enables rural Indian women to build upon their strengths, share their stories and make a real difference in their own lives through the creative medium of film.

It will do this by bringing women together to explore issues, voice concerns or simply to be creative and tell stories with regards to the impact of microfinancing in their community. It is process driven and seeks to be empowering, through allowing women to communicate their needs and ideas through the medium of film. It will enable the community to build upon their own strengths, gain new skills and be change agents in their own lives.

The documentary aims to build awareness and show the enormous strengths but also the struggles that are faced in this community. By getting this message out there through the medium of film, change can occur at a much broader scale than what one small team can do alone. The project aims to inspire others to work in this way and rebuild a sense of love, connection and community in the world.

The project is run by a small team of community development workers and volunteers. At the moment the project requires people with film/production experience and equipment to come on board. Donations will benefit this project through the purchasing of film equipment and broader production costs.

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Ort: Punjab, Indien

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