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Beendet Rescue, Rehabilitation and Repatriation

Mumbai, Indien

Beendet Rescue, Rehabilitation and Repatriation

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We are involved in rescuing victims of human trafficking who are sexually abused and physical torture for forcing them to prostitute. We are the only NGO in India who assist the victims for rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation.

T. Acharya von Rescue FoundationNachricht schreiben

Since 2000 the Rescue Foundation is a registred NGO in Mumbai, India. We rescue girls who are trafficked from India, Nepal and Bangladesh and forced for prostitution.

Rescue Foundation is involved in multifarious activities for rescuing, rehabilitating, reintegrating and repatriating the unfortunate, underprivileged girls and children who are sold in the brothels for forced prostitution.

We have around 65 people working as staff in all three branches.
The unfortuned victims of human trafficking who are sold for forced prostitution have to undergo through mantan and physical torture in the brothels.
We rescue about 300 girls annually and repatriate them either to their familiy or native NGOs.

The girls whom we rescue and rehabilitate will benifit by beeing saved from toture in brothels and due to our counselling will find a new life and will be reintergated in society. People like their family and society will regain the missing girls.

Challenges are very many as under:
1. Finding the missing girls from brothels on the information from police, other NGOs or parents.
2. Providing psychosocial-counselling to girls to generate faith in mankind
3. Convincing girls to develop their skills for income generation
4. Training the girls for beeing effective witnesses in legal court of law
5. Locate their family adress in villages

This donation will empower Rescue Foundation to complete the entire activities of rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation.