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Beendet Ein Geschenk für ältere Mens

Cotonou, Benin

Beendet Ein Geschenk für ältere Mens

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The center for the elderly is a humanitarian project for which we seek input physical, financial, and material of all for its completion on time. It is a center that will take place in several areas that are:Health,Restoration,The listening,Funding.

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The project idea comes from the observation made in the field, because here in Africa the elderly are neglected because there is already not afford to care for the young generation. This makes it the meet on the street to the alms or trying to make a quick trade despite their age. Another category is marginalized because taken for a witch or something. So faced with this situation I decided to create the center of home and rest in order to listen, help and support in order to improve their condition. I think starting the project in March 2011 and we will need more than 10 people to accompany us in this project. The first beneficiaries will be the elderly, support for others will not from the social component. Our goal is to bring improvement in the lives of these people above. We need twenty beds, develop a treatment room, entertainment room, a kitchen and a dining hall, in short of equipment. The gift that we seek cannot cover all that is why we are seeking input from all.

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten