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Beendet Kitchen garden Project for Maasai Women

Kiserian, Kenia

Beendet Kitchen garden Project for Maasai Women

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This is an alternative livelihood project which will benefit women and children to cater for their nutritional needs and income to parents to sent their children to school

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I. Maasai Emayian Women’s Group (MEWG)
• Project
Empowering women to economically grow and manage their own resources. Started in 2005, MEWG was initiated to correct the current severe imbalances in property and economic resources ownership between men and women in the community, and to enable women to more effectively play their role of providing a better quality of life to their families.
• Primary beneficiaries and geographical areas covered
MEWG covers the Keekoyokie south community of Kajiado North District, Kenya. It is targeted at improving the quality of life for the whole family but especially that of women and children in 250 households.

• Projects implementation strategies
* Steer rearing
* Dairy cows rearing and cooperative milk sales
*Kitchen gardens (see Appendix B: MEWG Kitchen Garden Project)
* Bead crafts manufacturing and marketing
* Local transportation

• Expected project outcomes
Women in 250 households in the targeted community becoming able to provide a basic quality of life to their families, economically and educationally