Primary School Education in Rural Nicaragua

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „La Esperanza Granada“ (P. Jackson) in Granada, Nicaragua

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P. Jackson (verantwortlich)

P. Jackson
Private support is needed as the schools are badly understaffed, sometimes four grades or 50 plus children in one classroom. Due to the country’s education system being both understaffed and rudimentary, 85% of primary school aged children attend school but only 40% of children complete their primary schooling. Of those who complete primary school, on average it takes 10.8 years for a child to complete the 6 needed years of schooling.

The hiring of local Nicaraguan teachers is our most urgent need at present. Supporting the payment of one teacher for one year will be an incredible help in the schools that La Esperanza Granada supports and serves. It will help reduce the overwhelming workload the current teachers have even supported by our own volunteers. Most importantly, this will help increase the chances of the children receiving a better and more focused education, the education they deserve.

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Ort: Granada, Nicaragua

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