Primary School Education in Rural Nicaragua

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „La Esperanza Granada“ (P. Jackson) in Granada, Nicaragua

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P. Jackson (verantwortlich)

P. Jackson
Volunteer support is needed as the schools are badly understaffed and normally in poor conditions. Sometimes four grades have 50 plus children in one classroom. Due to the country’s education system being both understaffed and rudimentary, 85% of primary school aged children attend school but only 40% of children complete their primary schooling. Of those who complete primary school, on average it takes 10.8 years for a child to complete the 6 needed years of schooling.

Our main focus is always education, however we recognize other desperate needs of the communities where we work. This may include: building projects like new classrooms, toilets or a fountain for the kids to drink water while in school. health programs which include visits to the dentist and the optician, after-school excursions for the joy of the kids or even sponsorships that will cover the yearly expenses for materials and uniform.

We always share the progress of the projects with the donors and send them pictures regularly as an example of our transparency.

Thank you for taking your time to learn more about our work. There is so much to do and the best pay we receive is their smiles when they return to school the next day. That's our aim, to see the kids coming to school day-after-day.

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Ort: Granada, Nicaragua

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  • The story telling is going on and they loved it! These kids really appreciate any time you can dedicate to them.

    Hochgeladen am 06.08.2015

  • This is how the ceilings look after the work is done. Image: one of our volunteers entertaining some kids with story telling.

    Hochgeladen am 06.08.2015

  • This ceiling needs to be fixed, the water goes through and there is no lighting. Electric instalation has to be done and lights and fans installed.

    Hochgeladen am 06.08.2015

  • Smily girls during the break

    Hochgeladen am 06.08.2015