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We received a payout of €4,034.34

Kathrin Dischereit
Kathrin Dischereit schrieb am 03.02.2021

Dear Kiron supporters,

The Covid-19 pandemic has made access to quality education even harder for millions of people around the world. Now more than ever, innovative solutions are needed to help the most vulnerable populations claim their universal right to education.

Thanks for your continuous support!

The amount of 4.034,34 € will cover parts our strategic partnerships and outreach approaches, such as conducting campaigns, advertising costs, and other necessary measures, in order for us to encourage more refugees and underserved communities to recognise Kiron as a stepping stone for their academic and professional careers. In 2021, we want to further develop Kiron Campus and ensure more quality courses are available to download on basic phones, in poor-connectivity environments so that the most marginalised by the impact of Covid can still keep learning and imagining a better future.

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On behalf of the Kiron team and students, I sincerely thank you for your many years of generous support to Kiron.

Kind regards,

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