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Beendet Echte "Grüne Revolution": Slope Farming Projekt Arba Minch, Äthiopien

Efforts worth it in 2017

J. Wibbing
J. Wibbing schrieb am 09.12.2017

The Slope Farming Project peformed well this year and accomplished several milestones!

We were able to...

- new, offical documents for land use rights of the project site in Arba Minch in purpose of a scientific research project signed by the mayor of Arba Minch, Ethiopia
- set an agreement with the people of the neighbourhood of Bere Kebele nnot to allow open grassing in the sites anymore
- finish the Rain Water Harvesting measures at the project site. First calculations show a reduction of surface runoff from 90% without measures to 50% with the measures. Still work to do!
-put first seedlings and seed of various plants in the project site. Trees are growing now!
-construct a house for our caretaking guard Asfaw and his family, soon they will live there permantenly. Being there permanently = taking care = no erosion or degradation but restoration!
- construct azolla ponds to produce high-quality fodder rich in omega-3-fatty-acid DHA for high quality eggs from our 18 chickens.
-enlarge and stabilize the checkdam even further
-put an information board for the local people be get informed about our ideas in their "backyard"
- set up a greenhouse for further experiments
- had a lot of fun with our friends in Arba Minch working on the project!

New pictures see at !

We would like to thank you so much for your support, you are part of it!

Jan Wibbing for the Slope Farming Team

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