Berufschance für Frauen / Hairdressing class

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „The Domari Society of Gypsys in Jerusalem“ (Amoun S.) in Jerusalem, Israel

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Amoun S. (verantwortlich)

Amoun S.
A few years ago we started our first hairdressing course to enable women of the Dom Community to learn a profession and to support their family. Now many girls are looking for a chance like this again.

We would like to offer for 12-15 of the women a 30 week education to protect their future, improve their self esteem and support the community. For this we will need chairs and towels, shampoo and fans. A equipment box for every woman and a teacher to do the course.
Because we want the women not only to learn hairdressing but to be able to earn money with these new skills we will also do a business-founding class.

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Ort: Jerusalem, Israel

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