Beendet Provide scholastic materials to 20 Orphans in Lira

Ein Hilfsprojekt von O. Augustine Kezzy in Lira, Uganda

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O. Augustine Kezzy (verantwortlich)

O. Augustine Kezzy
After assesing the situation in which orphans live, I found it neccessary to do something about it. Many orphans simply do not go to school not because they only do not have school fees but also lack of scholastic materials.
This project came into existence after I met with one of those orphans when I had gone to five villages for ministry work. I realised the problem was a genuine one and decided to extend support to three of the orphans but now wants to make it formal by adding more 17 to make the total number to 20 Orphans.

Currently, It is only me working on this project but being assisted by my wife since this is apersonal initiative. The project will benefit 20 orphans and the people will benefit by participating in the selection proces of the children to be supported.
The bigest challenges so far is the many number of such orphans asking for my support.
By people and organisations/companies donating to this project, enough resources will be mobilised to buy materials and distribute to the orphans identified. donations will supplement my efforts already put into the project.

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Ort: Lira, Uganda

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