Finanziert Woman of Difference: Janet Amuza

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „PROJECT AFRICA“ (L. Wafula) in Nairobi, Kenia

L. Wafula (verantwortlich)

L. Wafula
Janet Amuza is featured as Project Africa's woman of difference in June 2008. She is a single mother aged 34. Living in the surburb of Jerich on Nairobi's Eastlands, Janet has adopted 10 children from her late sisters and brothers who died of HIV/AIDS.

Janet works in a church as a cleaner and earns only 40 euro a month. Though she lives in hardship she is positive and hjas given herself to support and nieces and nephews and her own two year old Shirley.

when Project Africa visited Janet in December 2007, she had no money to buy any gifts not even enough food fo rthe children but Sjhe had so much love to give to them. In their little room only 36 sq metres the whole family could not feet in in the same room

the children had to do their homework, eat or be in the house in shifts because was too small. Janet says that will the challenges she cannot give up and allow the children to go to the street as homeless. That is why she holds on to keep the family together and give the orphans hope

Project africa Hopes that Janets family can get a bigger house where she can take care of the children

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Ort: Nairobi, Kenia

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