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Beendet Integral European Conference 2018 – Join us today!

The Integral European Conference is an important gathering of integral changemakers and visionaries. Support the organizing team to put on the next event in 2018 and become part of a unifying cultural movement for positive change in the world.

Hanna H. von Integrales Forum e.V.Nachricht schreiben

Dear Integral Friend,

with your help we have made the 2nd Integral European Conference in 2016 in Siofok, Hungary on the banks of Lake Balaton an even greater success than the first IEC, that took place in May 2014 in Budapest. This second event built on all the successes of the first, learned from the shortcomings and had additional strenghts. We were able to pay back the money IEC1 still owed to Integral Academy, pay salaries to Bence, Dennis and Aniko, who kept the ball rolling between the two conferences and even keep a little to finance the preparation of the next conference in 2018 and the building of a platform for the Integral European Community.

While Dennis and Aniko are now having to shift their priorities away from IEC and remain part of the team in an advisory rather than operative function, Bence, Örs, Hanna, Adriana and Peter Poth feel very enthusiastic and positive about continuing the good work and keeping the momentum. 

Some of us are in a position to offer their time on a voluntary basis, some can get a percentage from selling the recordings, but we need considerable help from you, the Integral community, to actualize all the wonderful ideas and urges of the evolutionary and transpersonal drive that want all individuals and communities in Europe and the world grow and develop towards a more compassionate, healthy and joyful life. 

Below you find our donation form. You have the option to make recurring monthly donations or one-time donations. 

More information you find on our website. If you have any questions please contact us. 

With heartfelt gratitude for your support,
Bence, Örs, Hanna, Adriana, Peter

Hilf mit, das Projekt zu verbreiten