Beendet Rofto Radio "Radio of the Others"

rognan, Palästina

Beendet Rofto Radio "Radio of the Others"

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Radio of the Others...the first internet radio for the humanity

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Whats is ROFTO?

We are youth in Palestine, Norway, Indonesia, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia - in an small endeavour to raise awareness among young people all over the world about whats happening in Palestine. We are all backgrounds. We have years experience voluntering in Middle East issue publication- especially whats happening in Palestine now. The lack of alternative information about current update & increasing of injustice case in that country has made us believe the urgency to spread this message for young generation who has different model of how it thinks about this issue.

We're growing together in spread this words with Rofto friends all over the world. To raise awareness in young people about this injustice and human rights violation.

Rofto Radio gives the board views it would not otherwise get. Lets join us and share your ideas here.