Beendet Neponmiaschiy Yaroslav - 5 Jahre

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „GLOBAL 2000 Umweltschutzorganisation“ (Christoph O.) in Kharkov, Ukraine

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Christoph O. (verantwortlich)

Christoph O.
The boy was brought to the hospital in May 2009 with massive tumor mass protruding from his belly. The treatment started almost as soon as the radiological examination was made. The results were very good, the tumor shrank quicker than usual. After 3 blocks of chemo it was not visible from outside. Reassured by easy progress his mother took Yaroslav out of the clinic and left for 4 months without finishing the treatment.

She brought the boy back to the clinic in October with tumor mass which was bigger than initial and his general state rather critical. The doctors saw little hope, but after new start of chemo the tumor started to shrink rapidly again. Now the boy is in hospital, going through second round of treatment and getting visibly better.

Every cycle of therapy consists not only of the chemo itself (normally chemotherapy 2-3 drugs), but also of antibiotics, hepato-protectors, nephro-protectors, anti-vomit drugs, diuretics, probiotics, vitamins and other supportive medicines. One cycle of treatment costs from USD1000-2500 depending on the medicines and gravity of side-effects. The situation with state medicines supplies is rather volatile, sometimes up to 80% of drugs could be covered by the sate, but in most cases more than 50% of this financial burden is borne by the families. Some of the medicines are provided by volunteers. In this case all the gaps need to be closed by the volunteers.

After several cycles of chemo when the bone marrow performance and immunity system of a small patient gets weaker the need for additional therapy gets more pronounced making every cycle more and more expensive.

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Ort: Kharkov, Ukraine

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