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Welcome party for our volunteer from South Africa 

 "Everybody loves Billy"


 Since March Manelisi Billy, who is known to everyone as only Billy, in Marga-Loenertz-house as a volunteer. "The residents love him," says Katja Klingbeil, deputy home manager. " "He has just once again a completely different way of dealing with people and it brings us all to laugh constantly." And he can laugh at his own misfortunes. So he had to leave for a trip by bicycle from Bornheim to Bonn on a navigation device that sent him the shortest way on the highway. Billy wondered though, that the cars on this track all went so fast, but only noticed that something was wrong when the police stopped him. The policeman, very friend and helper, took him and his bike then to Bonn and in Marga-Loenertz house it was decided that a bicycle helmet definitely for Billy is the right welcome gift. On Friday, July 3, so a little celebration for Billy was organized, in which it solemnly handed over representatives of the inhabitants of the Advisory Board of the bicycle helmet.

Residents (inhabitants) and carers in Marga-Loenertz-house feel it is a real asset to have this young, cheerful and uncomplicated man with him.This was made possible by SAGE Net , the South African German Network. Claus Pakleppa, Chairman of SAGE Net was also arrived at Billy's party and put in discussion in view, that it should not remain in this pilot project but in future people from South Africa could also apply for the volunteer service to Germany.  For Manelisi Billy goes anyway with his stay as a dream come true: "I love Germany"


 You should also read the article in the General-Anzeiger-Bonn

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