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Beendet Winter Relief for Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine

Ein Projekt von CO ICF `Everybody Can`
in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, Donetsk region, Luhansk region, Ukraine

Goal of the project `Winter Relief for Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine` which is implemented by ICF `Everybody Can` - to ensure access to basic humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable IDPs.

M. Lysak
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Über das Projekt

We are charitable organization ICF `Everybody Can`. We unite volunteers from different cities and countries. We take the responsibility for the present and future of Ukraine through assisting those who are in need. By developing social-network-based coordination initiative we engage people all over the world to stand together during the times of crysis in Ukraine. Our mission is to improve the life and well-being of the most vulnerable through taking actions and promoting philanthropy, volunteerism and meaningful input of everyone.

Armed-conflict in Ukraine forced hundreds of thousands Ukrainians to leave their homes to save their lives. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, became shelter for more than 50.000 internally displaced persons (IDPs), who lost everything and remained without means of subsistence. We, concerned young adults, took it upon ourselves to ensure access to basic nutrition, medical and humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable IDPs. Efforts of volunteers led to the creation of the Center for IDPs, where each week around 1500 persons receive food packages, hot meal, hygienic sets, medication, clothes, get employement services and psychological support. Since July 15.000 IDPs have benefited from our assistance.

Goal of our project is to provide needed food, medication, electric heaters and blankets for at least 2000 people during 3 months.

50 EUR donation will keep 1 family warm during the winter