Ein Hilfsprojekt von „(AIMEEPA)“ (N. Mueck) in rujm iben akel, Jordanien

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N. Mueck (verantwortlich)

N. Mueck
Plant Your Life Tree
Never it was in my mind that I will plant a tree to help a chilled, until I was in duty tripe the Middle east and I sow how the children they are living there, always in my mind was middle east is a rich countries, there is no poorness? They have the Oil :
But when you see how children they are living then you say I have to start with the change, I started with this project plant your life tree to educate a childe, to let a child have a shoes in winter, to get worm meal, worm clothes , they have to have the children wrights not only on the paper? its by liability also.
hope that all you receive this massage and you help me with this project.
Only One Tree……………………

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Ort: rujm iben akel, Jordanien

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