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Finanziert Give shelter & food for 10 disabled girls in inda

Madurai, Indien

Finanziert Give shelter & food for 10 disabled girls in inda

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Initiating a home for the disabled girls who are alone living in rural areas of the Madurai District, TamilNadu, India. Cost for home (rent for the building) is 100 $ per month needed for two years = 2400 $

narendran t. von Thiyagam Women TrustNachricht schreiben

Around ten disabled girls who lost their parents and living with no support in rural areas of Madurai, South India needs a shelter or a kind of a home. They live in isolation in their relative's home with no recognition, no proper food and living with worst health status. Providing free shelter and food is the need of the hour. Securing livelihood is going to be a great challenge and Thiyagam Women Trust, a not for profit organisation is taking an initiative to get a shelter for those 10 disabled girls and planning to take steps to ensure regular income for them through vocational education and trainings.

Thiyagam believes in creating opportunities to live with the principle of Learn-Earn-Live and share their love. Thiyagam also planning to provide trainings and special classes on yoga, meditation, health, attitude and self analysis for those targeted 10 disabled girls. Thiyagam Trust has identified a rent building @ $100 a month for initiating a home for the girls. Home will provide free accommodation and boarding facilities for the girls. The Thiyagam Trust's Director Ms.Amutha Shanty, a disabled by birth will coordinate the home directly. Support for two years is needed and we request funds/grants to initiate a home for the disabled.