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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Refugees Emancipation“ (Eben C.) in Potsdam, Deutschland

Moving Foward with Refugees Emancipation- One Year with your Support!

Eben C.
Eben C. schrieb am 02.12.2016

Dear Supporters and well wishers, below is link to a video about Refugees Emancipation- one year with your support.

Dear Supporters;

Your donations last year and presently, have for the first time in Germany, raised a self-organized refugee organization to a path of developing a structure. The fact that, your support rapidly had great successes is prove that, what Refugees Emancipation started 14 years ago has been recognized by  the civil society as being a necessity for refugees. Refugees Emancipation is sincerely thankful to you all!

Your support has enabled us start stabilizing the Internet Centers by compensating the coordinators who work there. They are the bridge between the refugees and the civil society or supporters who come to the Heim to help. They spend hours to open the center and help the people using it- A coordinator said “ I worked for 3 years as a coordinator and love my work- with the support, I work better now. Thanks for the support!

Meetings  for the Coordinators is been organized in the goal of building internal and external platforms to bring out issues from the refugee perspective. Empowerment concepts like paying tickets to refugees to do computer classes have started and also Honorar for the teachers and buying of Material. We frequently have concrete results from such classes; A refugee woman  from Syria contacted us saying_”thank you- because of the classes I am now able to write my CV and job application” Another refugee from a small town in  Brandenburg wrote to us that because of the Internet connectivity, he was able to meet online a woman and they are going to get Married.  Another Guy from Potsdam was able to pursue his University course online from a University in France thanks to the Internet Café in the Heim.  X in Berlin Marienfelfde said thanks to the Internet, she is able to talk and see her family through Sype and she does not live in fear anymore.  

Refugees Emancipation coordinating office in Potsdam has got helped, to enable it do the coordination of all the Internet cafes, pay the bills, bring material and human resources together. Carrying out administrative and public relations works, as well as the perspective of moving the organization has been made possible.  Most importantly the Coordinator Mr Chu Eben has moved from a precarious situation concerning his Aufenthalt to a permanent situation. This will make him to engage more of his time to the organization, meaning better planning. He says thank you!

Your financial support enabled us open special internet Cafes for children and offer them Nachhilfe; Material is bought and we can afford to pay some teachers who join the volunteers.   Women digital empowerment courses have been in place in some of the internet Cafes. In Potsdam for example we have once a month a women empowerment class  and for this we pay Fahrkosten, Material, Logistics and Honorar. 

While we have been able to do all of this last year, our greatest need is the stabilization and continuation of what we are doing . This means, we have to continue everything we have done last year and see how we can move to the next step. Your Present donations would permit us,   As an organization that tries to bring out the opinion of refugees, we would like to take advantage of our presence in 8 refugees camps to network with thousand of refugees each day. Your material and financial support would enable us start with online radio programs, interactive platforms like apps, websites, blogs, and a radio online program. We also plan to develop short documentaries about the living conditions of refugees and put them on our platforms. Live streaming between refugees and the civil society would be developed, so that civil society can directly communicate with the refugees.  The need to help people to integrate as fast as possible -there is no other better means than the language. Refugees Emancipation plans to open a new Internet Cafe specially for women,develop a faster online possibility by using the internetcafe for refugees to learn the language. Like we started in Berlin Marienfelde,there is an urgent need to create more children specific Internet cafes- which would mean more Hardware, more people to supervise the kids etc. With the massive influx of refugees, Refugees Emancipation does not have the capacity to be present in every Heim. However, with mobile devices and a means of transport, we plan to move to as many camps as possible to provide Internet access but more so, to connect them with the larger civil society. The realization of the above stated goals, would mean more work for the coordinators (for every new internet cafe-2-3 more) and for the office. If we have been there since 14 years, we would be able to make it better for the future. 

Thank you all once more for the support.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Moving Forward with Internet and Empowernment classes for Refugees
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