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Christmas crowdfunding campaign from 1st till 24th december – Let’s make it happen

Natalie E.
Natalie E. schrieb am 01.12.2015

On this german #Giving Tuesday , we start our crowdfunding campaign for the Ghana project. Concretely, it is for a 4-weeks intensive course (Ecovillage Designe Education (EDE)), which is actually prepared by the Ghana Permaculture Institute and

will take place in February 2016 in Ghana.

Within these 4 weeks, 25 people from 6 different countries of West Africa will have the chance to improve their skills to lead sustainable groups and projects .
A BIG THANK YOU to Martina B, Hildegard B. and Hans-Peter S. who already allowed 2 (and almost 3 !) people to attempt this course. 

As a reward we will offer to every donor a personal Christmas card with a poem.

Furthermore, through the campaign, we will draw among all the donors - smaller and bigger ones - the following gifts:

On Saint-Nicholas‘ Day, December 6th
1 dinner for 2 in Friedrichshain on the 21th of December
1 entrance to see Rumpeltruppe, the theatre group from Friedrichshain: on the 19./20.12
1 SONED T-shirt

On Christmas day, among those* who have donated up to 40€:
1 fair-trade product from the Ghana project
1 cookery book „Friedrichshain kocht“
1 SONED hoody

On Christmas day, among those* who have donated more than 40€:
1 fair-trade Ghana-set (Moringa soap, -cream, -powder, -ointment and forest honey)
1 introduction course to Permaculture in Berlin in 2016 (which worth 120€)
1 SONED hoody

*We have discussed about whether or not we should create some particular categories of donors for the tombola. On the one hand we would like to generate the maximum of donation for our beloved project by tempting you with great gifts. On the other hand, we don’t want to exclude anyone. We are conscious that not everybody can afford to donate so much. In any case, we value every contribution. Every single euro helps and will be multiplied tenfold, because of the 90% aid by sponsors! The most important thing for us is actually not the tombola but rather the project. Therefore we’ve eventually decided to do it like this and hope that we’ve found a good balance.
And you what do you think about it? Let us know by writing us an e-mail at: , a facebook message on SONED.Berlin or a postcard to Kreutzigerstraße 19 in 10247 Berlin

How does the tombola work?
We will write your names on a paper and put them in a box from which we will draw the winners. We plan to film us drawing the winners and to post the video online on Facebook. On December 7th, we will let you know about the winners of the Saint-Nicholas‘ gifts. And on December 25th, about the winners of the Christmas gifts ! You can find more information about the tombalo on facebook (SONED.Berlin) and here. 

We thank you all for your support and wish you happy Christmas season !

Help us to share the link:

Together against the causes of migration !

Natalie von SONED

Together against the causes of migration!
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