Gemeinsam gegen Fluchtursachen!

Techiman, Ghana

Gemeinsam gegen Fluchtursachen!

Amazing success with Moringa Workshops

Natalie E.
Natalie E. schrieb am 16.06.2015

wow, so wow, I am impressed by the work of Ghana Permaculture Institute. They are spreading their indigenious knowledge with the permaculture in a well way...

One powerful example is the spreading of the knowledge about MORINGA, the miracle tree, where they will be trained about the diversity of uses (feeding, nutrious value, medical products) and how to do it professional(processing, accounting, money saving for schoolfees, maintainance of the seedlings/trees...)

Here a short documentation video from one of the 20 communities and how they appreciate the knowledge they received.

Let's spread the Moringa knowledge in Dupari
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