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Natalie E.
Natalie E. schrieb am 05.04.2015

the preparations for the first project caring travel are running and soon I'm going to see with my own eyes what is growing and blooming there, who is involved and who is benefitting from this project. Until now I have only communicated with three involved person by email and skype and heard some field reports from others.
15 of the 95 planned Green Basic and Green Business Workshops took place till now. The advocacies about "HIV/Aids",
"Bushfire" and "Water/sanitation" have started in 2014. The construction work for the seminar centre and the sleeping huts for students are almost through. A Permaculture Design Course in
Togo as well as an Ecovillage Desidn Education Course and the sustainability conference have to be planned.....
My feeling is telling me that the project is running fine and
the figures and reports actually don't say anything else.
We will sit down together,  settle the scores of 2014 and plan what 2016 and 2017 is going to happen.
I am so excited to get to know the country and the people, especially the GPI-team, the demonstration sites and involved farmer communities. 

I will report you with pictures and films!


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