Gemeinsam gegen Fluchtursachen!

Techiman, Ghana

Gemeinsam gegen Fluchtursachen!

GPI starts the mission in Baafi with animal fodder systems

Natalie E.
Natalie E. schrieb am 26.10.2014

On the 20th October, 2014 we
left Techiman around 6:30am to Baafi to meet the livestock farmers in the
community. We arrived at 7:00am.eighteen (18) people attended to the meeting. After the greetings they ask of our
mission. Therefore Mr. Yeboah Paul (The Director of Ghana Permaculture
Institute) informs them about the animals fodder project the Ghana Permaculture Institute(GPI) /BMZ
/ Heidehof Foundation /SONED wants to implement in the community to help the livestock
farmers. But before that he enquire about the problems the livestock farmers
usually face in their activity. They stated some challenges that they always
face. They do not always have time to go to the bush for animals feed, so some
of them always allow the animals to roam for their feeding. Even when they are
able to bring the feed, it normally dries the next day.  Also when the animals are roaming they worry
the people in the community. Considering all these problems they are facing the
livestock farmers thank Mr. Yeboah Paul(GPI)/BMZ / Heidehof Foundation/SONED for bringing the animals
fodder project in their community. Then Mr. Paul talked about the importance of
releasing a land for the project. We have now received 100 by 100 ft sq
in the Baafi community to plant the animal fodder to feed their animals to
generate income and create job for the Baafi community.

After the meeting they invited us to go
round with them and see some animals roaming and some of them kept into pen without feed or with dry feed.

The situation in pictures

the Livestocks is rooming in the community for feed
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regular animals hut
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dry feed for the livestocks
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bargaining for the land of the project
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