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Finanziert Educate! Africa

Kampala, Uganda

Finanziert Educate! Africa

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Mission: To educate and empower the next generation of socially responsible leaders in Africa.

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At the root of the most pressing challenges facing Africa is a lack of socially responsible leadership.

To address this problem, Educate! empowers students to become the next generation of socially responsible leaders who will drive the social, economic, and political development of Africa.

Educate!, a non-profit organization, began by awarding scholarships to refugees in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda. The Educate! Scholarship Students are
empowered through a combination of high quality education, leadership, and mentoring to develop solutions to the challenges faced by their community and country. The result is clear. The transformative work of the original 22 Educate! Scholarship
Students in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement – building an orphanage, sending over 30 refugees to school, blanketing their community with 5,000 mosquito nets, impacting the
lives of over 9,000 refugees, and giving the people of Kyangwali hope for a better future – is the best testament to Educate!’s approach.

Inspired by the success of the original Educate! Scholarship Students in Kyangwali, Educate! developed a program, the Educate! Experience, to empower the next generation
of socially responsible leaders across Uganda.

In the Experience, high school students across Uganda, called Educate! Scholars,complete an innovative two-year leadership curriculum that includes the creation of a student led social enterprise which effectively and sustainably addresses a community need. Educate! Mentors teach Educate!’s leadership curriculum, guide Scholars through the creation of a social enterprise, and build supportive relationships with Scholars as the
first step to empowerment and ultimately leadership.
In March 2009, 375 Scholars led by six Mentors at 25 partner high schools across Uganda will begin the first year of the Experience.