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Ein Projekt von The Mamas Rugby
in Stockholm, Schweden

I triggered a payout for these needs:

M. Wejle
M. Wejle schrieb am 04.10.2016

The €131 represent membership for two individuals.the membership covers costs for the mamas rugby and the players at tournaments. We always try to keep the expenses to a minimum and so included for our members and their families, if they are attending at the tournaments as well. The membership also covers a top for the player and supporter tshirts for their kids, regardless how many the player has. we always organise food at tournaments so that there will be lunch available for both players and family supporters. This year, we have played in Mallorca and in Stockholm the two donations this payout concerns, are two players who have participated at the tournaments and joined the mamas rugby family :)

A donation amount of €131.00 was requested for the following needs:

  • Membership, Parent, €65 €65.00
  • Membership, Others, €100 €66.00
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