Finanziert HomeBase Pavilion

Berlin, Deutschland

Finanziert HomeBase Pavilion

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The HomeBase Project is an international, nonprofit artist-in-residency and research program that explores the notion of home through site-specific contemporary art, community and social innovation.

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The HomeBase Project is a site-specific urban art project exploring the notion of home. Operating in the intersection of art and social change, HomeBase seeks to foster interconnectedness in society through contemporary art while experimenting in meaningful urban living.

Each year HomeBase transforms vacant urban sites in neighborhoods undergoing change, into temporary multi-diciplinary ‘homes’, which nurture outstanding artistic exploration, community cultivation, cross-cultural dialogue, social integration, research and education - offered free and open to the public.

The driving force behind the project is a growing group of outstanding international artists and social entrepreneurs, who reflect on home as the foundation of humanity and pursue a vision for a healthier society.