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Wafe of Hope for the Future

wird verwaltet von Klara Appel

Über uns

Wave of Hope for the Future is a network of self-organized schools run by refugees for refugees. First founded by Zekria Farzad in 2019 in Moria camp on the island of Lesvos the organization has since expanded to different refugee camps all over Greece. Wave of Hope provides emergency education and gives hope to displaced people by offering a variety of activities, such as English, Sports and Art classes.
After just one and a half years WHF operates schools in five refugee camps across Greece with over 4.000 refugee students: Lesvos (inside the One Happy Family community after the fire destroyed the school and the entire camp of Moria in September 2020), Athens (Malakasa and Ritsona camp), Thessaloniki (Nea Kavala camp, Dimitri Hotel) and also in Afghanistan (in the Farza district, one hundred kilometers north of Kabul), where we are rebuilding and refurbishing a school that was destroyed and abandoned when the Taliban were occupying that region.


Via Feliciano Scarpellini 14