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Institut für integrale Studien (IFIS)

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Über uns

The Institute for Integral Studies (IFIS) catalyzes the recognition and further development of integral and likeminded approaches in academic research, higher education and research-based practice.
IFIS is focusing on the connections between
i) the existing disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of academic study,
ii) fields neglected or dismissed by academic research,
iii) the development of integral (meta‑) studies,
iv) real-life challenges in our age of global crises, and
v) research into desirable futures and the conditions to bring them about.

Based on values and principles inspiring a broad, pluralistic, dialogical, critical, self-reflective and dynamic understanding and practice of integral studies IFIS is deploying a series of activities, among them research and development projects, academic events, high-level publications and consulting services.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Latest news

IFIS Colloquium takes a summer break

  E. Fein  22. Juni 2018 um 11:46 Uhr

Dear friends and guests of the IFIS Online Colloquium,

after the first six sessions of this year, we are taking a break over the summer.
Most of the upcoming three months will be dedicated to finalizing our current Leadership for Transition (LiFT) project.
We will be back in the fall, with the next Online Colloquium on October 17. Hope to see you there again!

Best wishes and have a wonderful Summer!



Mathildenstr. 18