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Förderverein The VOICE e.V

wird verwaltet von C. Yufanyi M. (Kommunikation)

Über uns

What does The VOICE continuously stand for?

Fight against Social Exclusion and Isolation:
Long years of Experience in the Fight against Isolation of Refugees in Camps and Lagers |Campaigns for the Closure of Isolation Camps |Successful Closure of Refugee Camps in Germany

Fight against deportation:
Publicity | campaigns for single persons | support of single persons | campaign against the collaboration of embassies in deportation hearings | scandalizing of deportation as racism and human rights' abuse

Awareness campaigns:
Racism | Exclusion | Discrimination | Apartheid | Isolation | Colonialism | Colonial injustice | Criminalization | Persecution of refugees in their home countries and here in Germany

Public Political Protest:
Rallyes, tours, demonstration, internetactivism

Selforganisation of refugees:
Meetings for networking | lager delegations | press work | support of refugees in their struggles for their rights | community exchange | online network news | support of infrastructure | means of communication

Demands and Support for Self Organization German-wide:
Thüringen | Sachsen-Anhalt | Baden-Württemberg | Niedersachsen | Bayern | Hamburg

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

Latest news

I received a payout of €507.00

  C. Yufanyi M.  13. März 2018 um 15:08 Uhr

Dear Sisters and brothers in the struggle!!!

We want to thank all those who have contributed to our successes until now, while calling for further support.
Over the past two years, PEACE has slowly but surely climbed up its ladder of achieving the first phase of its objectives. There has nevertheless been a cross-section of failures and setbacks although our achievements and successes outweigh our setbacks. We have grown strong and now we even want to be stronger and better.

Your donations will be used for:·Research· Assisting Interns and Volunteers helping in Community networking and organizational issues.· Also, the recruitment and training/Capacity building of a PEACE Community activists.· Printing of the network materials like t-shirts and flyers defining our course as a strictly African body · Administering the website, [], which enables us to reach a wider audience, for a better understanding of our objectives and goals, but also for the documentation of our activities.· laying ground work for our 2nd our ever PEACE Magazine
· Smooth running of our Centre in Limbe, postcolonial Cameroon

PEACE intends to create a research and academic center to aid the publication of disseminated ideologies and works of critical persons. As such, the intention of a cyber café with already purchased computers and other educative materials will aid a smooth functioning and running of our projects in achieving this goal.

As of now, the PEACE network is made up of many community activists, who have all been putting in their utmost best and tremendous efforts to bring this organization to the level it is today, alongside with registered and non-registered members.

We have had visitors from far and near who believe in our vision.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. PEACE is still on its very first steps and we want to thank you again for assisting us in making these bold steps.

As an independent and self-sustaining network, we also believe in initiating ideas and projects in order to sustain our course. 

Projects Realized

·       A location and infrastructure of the PEACE Center·       Homepage/website·       Part installation of Office equipment for PEACE Cyber Café·       Recruitment and Training of a secretary·       Networking with partners like Bimbia Bonadikombo Natural Resource Management Council (BBNRMC) Limbe and Njorku Buea·       School visits·       Exchange program with the African Diasporans from Germany·       First PEACE Magazine project successfully finished

All these would not have been possible without your assistance.
We say, THANK YOU.



Geismar Landstrasse 19

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C. Yufanyi M.

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