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PADA Uganda

wird verwaltet von H. Wafula

Über uns

PADA-UGANDA is Non-Governmental Organization aimed at preventing and mitigating Alcohol,Drug Abuse, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and NCDs among Youth populations in Uganda. It was formed in May 2008 and has been engaged in various activities in communities of Kampala with an emphasis on street and vulnerable children. During its activities in the communities of Kampala and beyond the PADA Uganda was faced with the realization that as a result of drug/substance abuse various ills were inflicted on children especially the girl child, which include, defilement, rape, physical and emotional abuse. irrespective of the fact that these have diverse effects on the development and social welbeing of the child and the care givers, these are often condoned as trivial because of the cost of treatment. with this apparent problem the need for treatment in cases of abuse is paramount as we continue with our efforts to prevent the effect of drugs on youth and their communities.

The Vision of PADA Uganda

A Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS/ freeHepatitis free Nation


To Prevent and Mitigate Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS among the Youth and their Communities through Capacity Building, Advocacy, Psychosocial Support, and Research


• Integrity
• Justice
• Confidentiality
• Participatory methodologies
• Accountability


Plot 1117, Church Road, Mulago