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I forwarded our collected money to these projects

N. Ssenjala
N. Ssenjala schrieb am 19.06.2012

Empower Youth to fight Poverty in Uganda: €1,045.00

The young people from power minds youth organisation decided to get involved in self initiative of getting themselves out of poverty by making hands Crafts from cheap enviromentally friendly materials around their surroundings and they have come up with lots of products with the elp of volunteer trainers from power Minds Youth Organisation. The only problem still limiting their dreams of mass production is getting market fro their beautiful products since market access is limited in Uganda.

However our Friends from Idstein Youth Center with the help of Mr Torsten Fleischer who are supporting the building and Rehabilitation of our twin Youth Center decided to take on the task of selling and marketing our kids crafts in the international Idstein  Jazz Festival that took place in Idstein on 15th to 17th june 2012. Indeed they showed us that they are determined to support us and they have managed to make sells worthy 1,045 Euros from the crafts. This money will be transfered to the youth to promote their activities and more production and also on their project development.

We thank all the young people of Idstein Youth Center and Mr Torsten Fleischer for the job well done.