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Being part of the solution - Covid-19

Lara Gesche
Lara Gesche schrieb am 03.02.2021

The current Coronavirus pandemic is a global issue that needs to be addressed by all societal players.

With Zalando being Europe's leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle as well as Berlin's third largest private employer, we have a responsibility as a company to protect our employees, our business, the communities we operate in and to be a part of the  solution towards this pandemic.

Right now we need common and united action. Providing support in the form of donations as well as resources will help to save lives, slow down the spreading of the virus and support our healthcare system to cope with the challenge.

Therefore, since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Zalando has aimed to create or find meaningful solutions to support our industry and the people impacted by the pandemic. Now that we are in the second wave of the coronavirus in Europe, our priorities from the spring remain: safeguarding the welfare of our employees, protecting business continuity, and being part of the solution to the pandemic by supporting and scaling innovative solutions like online psychological support. 

In the context of the second wave of the coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) outlined the main needs within communities as mental health services and psychological support. That is why we are pleased to be able to support the vital work of several Berlin and German wide based humanitarian aid organizations in the field of mental health and medical support via our humanitarian aid fund here on