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Asha for education Frankfurt

Bhavani Prasad D.
Bhavani Prasad D. schrieb am 24.12.2014

Hello All

Thanks to all 230 Donors all over the world we were able to raise 6000 Euro to support our education projects in India.  

These funds have been now forwards to support 3 projects:
1.)Concern for Humanity: Remedial classes for underprivileged children in Delhi 3500 Euros
2.)RightStart : Teacher Training Program for school teachers in Tamil Nadu 1500 Euros
3.)Borewell for Little Flower School in Tamil Nadu - TEA Trust 1500 Euros

The tax receipts for germany would be emailed to all donors by betterplace.org by end of FEB. 

please do visit our websites regarding the progress of our projects and subscribe to our newsletter.

A very happy new year and happy Christmas for all our donors , you people have made someones day today, you people have invested in the better future of the world which can only happen through education.

Sandeep Butt
Kartik Balla
Raktim Bora
Bhavani Prasad Desai