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Charity run for Tareto Maa at VCM 2014 in Vienna

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2 weeks, 4 days and 9 hours !

Philippe A.
Philippe A. schrieb am 25.03.2014

did I say the weather in Vienna was mild for the season? well, a sudden cold front reminded us that we are still in March. Temperature dropped drastically from 20° to 5° this morning.. but the weather forecast predicts it´s already over and the Spring will be back tomorrow! but there is no reason to complain really.. I received yesterday a picture from a friend who live in the north of Sweden and they were in the middle of a snow storm..
Anyway, I ran an 8K on the running machine yesterday and the time was ok. Fynn has Judo on Tuesday so he took a small break from the training. We´ll try to make a few pictures tomorrow.. I did some promotion today at work and many colleagues responded enthusiastically.. then spoke on the phone with my sister in France and she assured me there will be more donations coming our way... It´s really great to see how people react to this charity run and it really helps to keep the motivation high.
Warm greetings from Vienna and good night for now, Philippe And Fynn