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Two blind child future

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The future of a two blind child who never see how is world

H. pant
H. pant schrieb am 12.12.2012
Ram Luhar father of this two blind child karan 8 year old and asha 2 years old residing in 13 of Mahendranagar municipality, Kanchanpur district.Its economic aspect is extremely poor. Ram luhar meet their needs through fishing and due to the lack of education, they lack the knowledge about weighing and fundamental accounting and thus get deceived. Another acute problem is that as they don’t have ownership over land, men, women and children of his family are compelled to do labor ; here also they become victim of unequal fare for the same work. Ram luhar family are also suffering  from problems like not having occupational rights, unable to feed family, send their children school, don’t get any work during flood, and having their land flooded in rain, various physical problems because of  over consumption of alcohol, lacking medical treatment. Karan, asha two kids are totally blind They want to study but cannot because of the poverty. This family is suffering from the sense of inferiority because of being discarded by Mountainous people by being labeled as Labour and being excluded from social ceremonies and festivals. They consoled themselves by saying that this is their destiny. They are deprived of the opportunity of earning their living by fishing in Mahakali and Karnali River as this task of fishing is done in contract.