Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

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An earthquake of magnitude 8.8 shook Japan on March 11. It is one of the strongest earthquakes ever measured worldwide. The earthquake was followed by up to 10 meter high tsunami waves that caused extensive damage. Hundreds of thousands of people are looking for shelter.

Please help the victims with a donation!

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Björn L.
Björn L. schrieb am 18.03.2011

Japanhilfe für Erdbeben und Tsunamiopfer: 80,00 €

Erdbeben/Tsunami Japan: 80,00 €

Japan: Hilfe nach dem Erdbeben und Tsunami: 80,00 €

Nothilfe Erdbeben und Tsunami Japan: 80,00 €

Nothilfe Japan: Hilfe für Kinder und ihre Familien: 80,00 €

Thank you very much for your kind donations - together we can support those who suffer in Japan. Many Organisations are by now on the ground and do their best to reach everyone in need. Please continue to support their work! Thank you.

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