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Anica Samleit

As you have probably heard already, we now have a new “product” on Fundraising events!

Everybody can start a fundraising event by his/her own choice and support an existing project on

What could be your event?

A marathon run, where you collect money for each kilometer?
A birthday party, where you ask for donations instead of presents?
Shaving your head for a certain amount of donations?
Jumping out of a helicopter with a parachute - for a good cause?
Playing music on the streets for streetkids in Africa?

Any other crazy event coming up? Make it a fundraising event!

Those are the pictures of our campaign we are currently running in Germany - everybody who was involved, from the agency to the photographer and models worked pro bono. Thanks a lot, once again!

Werbung Spendenaktionen.pptx-5 Werbung Spendenaktionen.pptx-3 Werbung Spendenaktionen.pptx-2 Werbung Spendenaktionen.pptx-1 Kampagnen-CLP_WALL.pdf (Seite 5 von 5)

You don’t understand German? Go to osocio’s webpage - they were so kind to translate it into English!

We offer you all the tools you need to create your own page and to spread it among your family, friends and colleagues.
Plus: we are offering E-Mail support for your fundraising event - try us! Send your feedback or questions to

Note: A fundraising event is NOT a project! It supports an existing project! Everybody who wants to register a project, please go here. Organizations can of course start a fundraising event for their own projects!

Go ahead,start your fundraising event now! We are excited to see your creative fundraising ideas!